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Dropshipping & Bulk Buying

We have decided to forgo offering wholesale, but instead do a bulk buying section that will allow for all to benefit from buying in larger quantities as well as continuing to solidify our relationship with our drop shipping partners (Modalyst & Spocket) .  Whether you are a brick and mortar, seasonal, or an event planner, Amaryllis Park fully supports our clients in building their businesses with diverse, fun, and unique handmade collections. Our goal is to offer a bulk buy program that benefits both of us, is positive exposure for both brands, and is fully sustainable. 


We have partnered with two well known companies to facilitate our drop shipping.  Be aware that not all of our collections / products are drop shipping eligible.

Modalyst :

All bulk buy qualified products will be available under our Bulk Buy page; everyone and anyone can view the page and purchase.  The bulk buy discount / tiers will vary per product, but keep in mind that our retail pricing is competitive so even the smaller discounts should provide an acceptable profit for true handmade products. 

Tier 1 - 20%

Tier 2 - 30%

Tier 3 - 40%

Tier 4 - 50%


ORDERING & PAYMENT: All orders must we placed through our online store. Unfortunately, we do not accept orders via Snail Mail. We do not offer 30 day net at this time, all orders must be paid for at the time of ordering.  There will be cases where an invoice will be sent for payment.  Please note that we do not start any production until payment is made.

LEAD TIME: Bulk Buy orders normally ship within 14 - 21 business days. Please allow for extended processing times during peak holidays. Lead time does NOT include shipping/transit.​

ONLINE PRODUCTS & PRICING:  Amaryllis Park prohibits the sale of its goods to or through any third-party sellers by our stockists or consumers, in any way, without exception (Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Poshmark, Overstock, Wayfair, etc.). Amaryllis Park will not honor claims, returns, or exchanges when our products are sold by a stockist/consumer and purchased through any unauthorized third party sellers.​


SHIPPING & TRANSIT TIMES​: Amaryllis Park primarily ships its bulk buy orders via UPS.  We reserve the right to utilize FedEx or USPS as needed or when requested by the retailer.  If you have an account with a specific carrier and would like to utilize them, please let us know.


Transit times are determined by the carrier based on the service that the buyer chooses.  Amaryllis Park has no control over the transit time, so please order your items with enough 'wiggle room' arrive when you need it. 

RETURNS & EXCHANGES: Shipping boxes must be visually inspected and any damage must be immediately reported to the carrier at time of delivery. All damages or shortages must be reported within 3 calendar days of delivery (as indicated by the carrier) via email to Please provide a photo of damage due to shipping to include the box and any other damages.

Replacement products will be shipped within 10 to 15 business days of receipt of email requesting replacement with the included photo documentation of damage.  Some replacements may take longer if items are not readily available for shipping; we will communicate any delays at the time of the request.

Amaryllis Park reserves the right to update or discontinue our programs, product (this includes designs and labeling), and prices as needed and without prior notice.

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